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Coachella 2009, Douchey? A little.

April 20th, 2009
This is at the ‘Outdoor Stage’ just before Jenny Lewis performed.  Certainly this would be acceptable if there were nowhere to put one’s trash.  At Coachella this year however, that was not the case.  There were trash and recyclable receptacles EVERYWHERE.  I mean EVERYWHERE.  You could not walk 200′ without bumping into one.  What  kind of douche just drops their trash where they stand?  Spoiled children?  Douchey adults? Drunks?  However you slice it, it’s douchey.


Now a bit about the event itself.  Here are some observations of douchey-ness at the festival and campsite:

  • The ‘art installation’ in the middle of the venue had crankin’ sub-bass, which was quite annoying if you were at the outdoor theatre trying to watch one of the bands you paid to see.
  • The $10 Coachella water bottles that were refillable for free, were not refillable at the campsite.
  • The porta-potties were poorly maintained, at least the first day, and most had no toilet paper.
  • The places where alcohol was served at the festival stopped serving at 11:15pm, and for campers who had nowhere to drive (like me), that really sucked!
  • The alcohol choices were very slim at all but one location at the festival, and one at the campsite, consisting of Heineken, wine, and weak margaritas.
  • Saturday was PACKED.  I know it’s all about selling tickets, but Friday was a MUCH better experience, and there was plenty of money made then as well, I’m sure.  What I’m saying is don’t be so goddamn greedy, that means you Goldenvoice!  Friday made me want to come back next year, Saturday made me think again.
  • The Gobi tent sound system was eh….not so great.

To be fair, there were quite a few good things as well:

  • The lineup for all three days was great.
  • Changeover time between bands was short.
  • Sound was fantastic, particularly at the Coachella Stage, the video screens and delay speakers made it enjoyable even for people WAAAAAAAY in the back.
  • Plenty of cheap and tasty vegan/vegetarian food.  I’m vegan and at concerts in general and festivals in particular, good vegan food is hard to find.  Not at Coachella.  That’s a BIG plus for me!
  • Campsite had free WiFi, at least near the internet cafe.

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