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Welcome to the United Corporations of America

January 22nd, 2010

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday morning that corporations can
make UNLIMITED political donations, overturning many, many years of precedent.
What’s that about “activist judges” again?

Goodbye democracy!

This conservative Supreme Court is UNBELIEVABLY douchey!

More info here

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ANOTHER Parking Douche! WTF?

July 30th, 2009

Douchey PriusPlenty of room to pull up….because…

Douchey Prius 2I can’t fucking get out!!


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Billy Bob Douchebag

April 10th, 2009

Defining Douchey

April 6th, 2009

From Wikipedia, slang uses of Douche:

Douche bag, or simply douche, is considered to be a pejorative term in most of the English-speaking world. The slang usage of the term dates back to the 1960s.[6] The term implies a variety of negative qualities, specifically arrogance and malice.

Here are a few definitions from

  • Having characteristics of or pertaining to a douche.
  • charicteristic traits of a douchbag’s attire or life.
  • One that emits striking qualities of a douchebag. Objectively speaking, most common description of complete assholes who maintain an extremely shallow personality, i.e. preppies.
  • Unimaginative, uninteresting, stale, preppy, mainstream, especially in a self-promoting way.

Of course sometimes it is blatantly obvious when an action or person is being douchey, and there are no words to describe it – pictures tell the story more accurately.

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Submit a Douchey Attitude

April 4th, 2009
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